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Towers for sale: how foreigners have established a business that is growing amid the crisis

19 April 2016

Now Russian Towers no longer has to solicit for orders from operators, but in 2009, it was not easy to persuade them to entrust the construction of infrastructure to a third-party company Foreigners Garth Self and Peter Owen Edmunds, founders of the Russian Towers company, decided to start ...


Russian Towers: first sale of operators towers will lift the barrier for other transactions

9 February 2016

Alexander Chub told about the formation of the operator infrastructure market and the new strategy of the company Alexander Chub, President of Russian Towers GC 09 February, Moscow. INTERFAX.RU – The aggravated competition in the Russian mobile telecommunications market forces ...

Eurasian Development Bank Increased Credit Limit of Russian Towers up to 6 Billion Rubles

4 October 2017

Moscow. 3 October. INTERFAX.  Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) has increased the credit limit for Russian Towers Group of Companies up to 6 billion rubles. "The total amount of the loan support of Russian Towers on the part of EDB with an account to the previously opened line o ...


22 September 2017

The Association of Managers and Kommersant compile the “Top Thousand Russian Managers” ranking on an annual basis. The goal of the project is to discover effective management practices and form the new Russian management elite. This year, PRIME Economic Information Agency, the strategic p ...

Russian Tower Market to Be Consolidated

7 September 2017

The necessity to increase the business efficiency and cut costs will inevitably lead to the situation where in a few years the majority of antenna mast structures will be consolidated in the pocket of one or two large operators. Advanced Communications & Media (AC&M) prepared the " ...

Infrastructure is also a service, if there is a convenient interface

4 May 2017

The growth of infrastructure which requires the development of telecoms, will only become possible provided that there is both professional approach and a service model. Telecoms is a field which finds itself in permanent transformation: technology becomes morally antiquated at the mo ...