Russian Towers to Ensure Development of the Telecom Infrastructure in the Kurortny District, St. Petersburg

On 07 February 2018, a roundtable discussion was held in the St. Petersburg Kurortny District Administration with Andrey Konstantinov, First Deputy Head of the St. Petersburg Kurortny District Administration, representatives of the Russian Towers Group and local residents. 

The discussion was devoted to intended development of the telecom infrastructure in the St. Petersburg Kurortny District. The Russian Towers Group told about commencement of a major communication infrastructure improvement project, and circa 8-10 facilities to be constructed already at the first project phases, where communications providers would be given an opportunity to install their equipment. 

Andrey Konstantinov, First Deputy Head of the St. Petersburg Kurortny District Administration thanked Russian Towers for their participation in creation of conditions for local communication development and noted that: “In the age of information technologies, it is important to have high-quality communication services and present-day technologies, since this is one of the main conditions of local development in general. We are ready to give assistance to Russian Towers in the matters concerning communication infrastructure development in our district”. 

In course of the discussion, Nikolay Surnakov, Russian Towers Director for Liaison with Government Authorities told about what was intended to do to provide the district with telecom infrastructure.  “In 2018, one of the Russian Towers’ priority directions in creation of high-quality and modern mobile communication networks is the project being implemented in St. Petersburg and, namely, in the Kurortny District. Upon its completion, business representatives, government agents and local residents will enjoy a full range of modern communication services. Russian Towers, as a responsible company both in business and social matters, takes an active role in local mobile communications infrastructure development, thus contributing to solving social and economic problems. 

Residents of the Kurortny District spoke positively about project implementation plans. “We are glad that communication services and new technologies are being developed in our region. It was especially important for us to hear that the project will be realized in full compliance with technical and legal standards, and that the project members are ready to stay in communication with residents and cater to our interests”, - Vladimir Malashin commented.

In conclusion of the meeting, the members resolved to establish a working group comprising representatives of the Administration, Russian Towers and residents to discuss project implementation phases. 

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