Russian Towers supported the N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay Museum

18 July 2017

Within the framework of its charitable program, Russian Towers Group of Companies made a gift to the museum named after the famous Russian ethnographer and traveler N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay in his native city of Okulovka located in the Novgorod Region. p7170316.jpg

On 17 July 2017, the traditional Maclay Readings were held in Okulovka for the 31st time. The event was dedicated to the 171st anniversary of the renowned anthropologist’s birth.

Marina O. Petrova, Deputy Head of the District Administration of Social Affairs started off the event. 

The Maclay Readings program was substantial. It included exciting and enlightening excursions, such as the “N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay is our fellow countryman” exhibit, photographic tour of the “World of New Guinea,” “Memory of N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay, a scientist, in works of art” show case. Besides, the film about N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay, “In the footsteps of great Russian travelers,” was shown. Numerous guests of the Readings were welcomed by Olga M. Vasilyeva, Chairman of the Okulovka District Committee for Culture and Tourism, Elena I. Bitepazh, Director of the N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay Okulovka Museum of Regional Studies, employees of the museum, representatives of the N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay Fund for Preservation of Ethnocultural Heritage headed by the traveler’s descendant N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay. 

This year, within the framework of its charitable program, Russian Towers Group of Companies presented the museum with a large-screen high-definition display. From now on employees of the institution will be able to hold presentations, show scientific materials both from the information storage devices and with the use of the internet. In general, this gift will significantly broaden the horizons of the museum’s excursion and public awareness activities.

The President of Russian Towers Group of Companies Alexander Chub stated as follows: “Digital technologies became an inseparable part of modern life. At present, it is necessary for museums which want to actively participate in public life to use advanced technologies. We are glad that we can support museums, and we are confident that such new opportunities will allow visitors learn more new and interesting things about our great compatriot: ethnographer and traveler Nikolay Nikolaevich Mikloukho-Maclay.” 20139800_1361408103978097_951153856595756041_n.jpg


Nikolay Nikolaevich Mikloukho-Maclay is a Russian ethnographer, anthropologist, biologist, and traveler who studied the indigenous population of the Southeast Asia, Australia and Pacific countries, including the Papuans of the North-East coast of New Guinea which is now called Maclay Coast.
The 17th of July, N.N. Mikloukho-Maclay’s birthday, is unofficially celebrated as the professional holiday of ethnographers.


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