Property Owners

The project for independent owners’ site management SiteXchange

Russian Towers group of companies, the largest independent infrastructure operator in Russia and the owner of antenna mast structures, created SiteXchange, an industrial property reservation system.

If you own of any real estate that is suitable for installation of communications providers’ base stations (towers, buildings, chimneys, roofs, etc.), then you have an opportunity to gain extra earnings from rental, transferring the management of this process to a specialized company.

In their turn, service providers will get an access to thousands of venues to develop their communication networks. Russian Towers serve as the information aggregator, ensure conclusion of necessary agreements, creation of technical conditions for installation, and further cooperation.

Thanks to the strategic partnership of Russian Towers group of companies and the Big Four operators, as well as cooperation with other potential leaseholders, inter alia, within the framework of various federal and government programs, participation in this project is rather promising in the context of the soonest commissioning of the venues for facility owners.

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Russian Towers is willing to redeem your telecom infrastructure.

Light and Electricity Poles

Russian Towers Group is looking for balance-lighting poles, power supply and other organizations.

Building Owners

Russian Towers Group is ready to build for you a modern telecommunications infrastructure that will allow your buildings to provide modern communication services.


A collaboration with Russian Towers will allow you to solve all questions to provide your future sites with a modern telecommunications environment.