Towers Owners

Russian Towers is willing to redeem your telecom infrastructure.

If you own a tower, support or another high-rise structure, we are ready to offer cooperation to you: buy, rent or take control of your property. It will allow you to release resources that are “frozen” in facilities or get additional income.

Russian Towers has vast experience in purchasing of towers and making a lot of mutually beneficial transactions.

If you are interested in cooperating with Russian Towers, fill in a form or send a letter to, and our assistant will contact you.

Get more information about our projects:

Light and Electricity Poles

Russian Towers Group is looking for balance-lighting poles, power supply and other organizations.

Building Owners

Russian Towers Group is ready to build for you a modern telecommunications infrastructure that will allow your buildings to provide modern communication services.


A collaboration with Russian Towers will allow you to solve all questions to provide your future sites with a modern telecommunications environment.


A collaboration with Russian Towers with provide your city with a modern telecommunications infrastructure in order to allocate equipment for mobile operators.