Building Owners

Russian Towers Group is ready to build for you a modern telecommunications infrastructure that will allow your buildings to provide modern communication services.

The importance of rendering high-quality mobile communications to visitors of office, entertainment, business and other public buildings can hardly be overestimated in the modern world. Every citizen who is used to staying in touch has a modern gadget in his pocket. Low quality of communication signal has an adverse effect on the duration of the visit, hence, average purchase size and in general, the level of yield per square meter.   

According to the statistics provided by global agencies, after the distributed antenna system (DAS) is installed in a building, the attendance and visitor density increase by 2-3% during the first months.

Russian Towers is the largest independent infrastructure operator in Russia which works with the owners of commercial real estate and communications providers.

Russian Towers will provide high-quality DAS-infrastructure to establish communication and mobile data transmission inside the building, granting access to it to all operators in your region. The building owners can be sure that very visitor will enjoy excellent communication, regardless of what SIM card he uses.

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Towers Owners

Russian Towers is willing to redeem your telecom infrastructure.

Light and Electricity Poles

Russian Towers Group is looking for balance-lighting poles, power supply and other organizations.


A collaboration with Russian Towers will allow you to solve all questions to provide your future sites with a modern telecommunications environment.


A collaboration with Russian Towers with provide your city with a modern telecommunications infrastructure in order to allocate equipment for mobile operators.