Russian Towers is willing to redeem your telecom infrastructure.

If you are the owner of the tower, pole or telecom infrastructure portfolio and are considering selling, we are ready to give you the best deal possible.

By selling your unused sites to us, you will be maximising the value of your fixed assets.

A collaboration with Russian Towers includes:

  • The best offer: we will offer you competitive advantages
  • A team of professionals: you will work with professionals in the telecommunications market
  • A long-term partnership: we will become your partner that provides a wide range of services

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of our sites:


Russian Towers Group is the largest independent infrastructure operator and owner of antenna-mast structures in Russia.


We will create ‘turn-key’ telecom infrastructure for you. We will invest our own funds for the construction of antenna-mast structures in the operators’ interests in compliance with the technical specifications and the selected area.


We provide: Upkeep and maintenance of high-rise structures, a lighting system, and a fenced compound and adjacent area.