About us

The Russian Towers Group is Russia's independent infrastructure market leader, operator and owner of antenna mast facilities, partner of telecom operators in creation of modern telecommunication infrastructure.

Russian Towers is in Top 15 largest independent tower operators in Europe.

The Company invests its own funds in creation of telecommunications facilities and provides a wide range of joint usage telecommunications infrastructure services: assuring seamless mobile communication coverage for individual territories, residential districts, individual buildings, motor roads, providing a technological site for deployment of communications equipment at the company's completed facilities and facilities under construction, supplying electrical power, connecting to fibre optic network, 24/7 remote access monitoring and control.

The wide range of the Russian Towers activity areas ensures a comprehensive approach to provision of modern telecommunications infrastructure for the Russian regions.

  • Off-the-shelf solutions for deployment of new generations of cellular communications
  • Reduction of cellular communication operators' costs by reducing the costs of investment in infrastructure construction
  • Improvement of urban infrastructure usage efficiency by creating dual-purpose poles