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2009 Company founded

The idea of creating the first operator of telecommunications infrastructure in Russia belongs to the founders of Russian Towers Garth Self and Peter Owen Edmunds. 2009 was the founding year of the company, in which it received investments from it its first shareholders UFG Private Equity and EBRD and signed the first contract for the construction and lease of 55 towers. 

2010 Launch of our first tower

In October 2010, our first tower was installed and became operational in Tuchkovo village, in the Volosovsky district of the Leningrad region.        

2011 Sapsan Project

More than 200 sites were installed in the directions of St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod from Moscow. These sites have improved the availability of signal for passengers, as well as subscribers who are located at a distance of 1km from the railway tracks.

2013 Modernization of lighting poles in Moscow

The realisation of this project, under which Russian Towers leases poles from the city and improves them to accommodate equipment operators, has helped them to display 4th generation networks in cities quickly and to provide high quality coverage in a short space of time.

2015 1500 sites

The company provides services and the sharing of telecommunication infrastructure: it invests in the construction of towers structures of different designs in many regions of Russia, as well as maintaining them with a high-quality service.

2016 Expansion of infrastructure solutions

"Russian Towers" are constantly expanding the portfolio of infrastructure solutions - in 2014, classical towers were joined by double-purpose pillars based on urban lighting poles, in 2015 - on the basis of power lines, in 2016 - on the basis of urban transport infrastructure.

2017 3200 sites in 55 regions of Russia 

Russian Towers portfolio has reached 3200 sites in 55 regions of the Russian Federation.

2017 was the year of infrastructure development in major cities. The share of urban infrastructure in the company's portfolio in 2017 increased by 12%, amounting to 46% of all telecom sites. For comparison, in 2015 the share of urban sites was 22%.

In 2018 Russian Towers successfully continued development the project on creation of the antenna infrastructure intended for ensuring distribution of a mobile signal in buildings, and also along highways.

2019 We are 10 years old

10 Years
Russian Towers