Russian Towers and AKADO Telecom have agreed on cooperation

10 August 2016

Russian Towers Group of Companies and Moscow Telecommunications Corporation KOMKOR (trademark AKADO Telecom) have signed an agreement for cooperation under which the operator’s fiber optic lines (FOLs) will be connected to the antenna mast structures of Russian Towers. This will expand the interaction between AKADO Telecom and mobile operators, whose equipment is installed on the towers of Russian Towers: thanks to AKADO Telecom’s FOLs mobile operators will get data transfer channels.

‘Russian Towers Group of Companies is constantly looking for new opportunities for the development of services for telecom operators’, notes Alexander CHUB, President of Russian Towers GC. ‘Cooperation with AKADO Telecom is an important and natural step for us, as without AKADO Telecom as one of the largest telecom operators providing multiservice access using fiber optic lines, the range of our services would definitely be incomplete’.

‘Based on the results of our negotiations with representatives of the cellular communications market we have seen the operators’ interest in the arrangement for data transfer channels using our equipment and Russian Towers’ infrastructure – this will help them use the resources of their own networks for the promotion of services more efficiently’, noted Maksim CHERNOV, Deputy Director General for Commerce of AKADO Telecom.

According to him, the provider has all competencies required for the construction of FOLs of any degree of complexity, a well-developed infrastructure, and capacities for providing high quality technical support.

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