Russian Towers Group held the second Partnership Conference in Moscow

The second Partnership Conference of Russian Towers Group took place on November 7, 2019, in Moscow, bringing together representatives of more than 40 construction companies, partners of the infrastructure operator from 15 Russian regions.

The Russian Towers team shared the trends of telecom infrastructure market as well as their experience over the past year, also having outlined the promising areas for development, especially correlating with the implementation of the new mobile standard 5G in Russia.

Dmitry Popov, Technical Director of Russian Towers Group:

"The first Partnership Conference, held in November 2018, proved to be a perfect means of forming a unified (single) information field between Russian Towers as the infrastructure operator and our partners. Going offline and discussing together all the stages of construction and exploitation of the insfrastructure object facilitates optimization of the erection process according to the unified standards.

Ensuring proper cooperation is of particular relevance today: Moscow and other major cities are expected to see the commercial launch of 5G networks — the number of base stations should be increased 10 times. The innovative technology will require complex engineering solutions including in the field of infrastructure, the development of which we undertake in collaboration with our partners".

The company representatives discussed the results achieved during the year, talked about changes induced by technological and regulatory advancements, mobile operators needs, engagement with residents and administrations of the regions.

Alexander Chub, Russian Towers Group President:

"Russian Towers held the second annual conference for partner organizations. All together we represent the dynamically developing business environment — the ecosystem forming the base layer of mobile data transmission infrastructure — the backbone of digital economy, and our conference brings a great opportunity to "synchronize our watches" and commit ourselves to achieving new crucial results in the rapidly changing world of business and technology".

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