Towers Owners

Russian Towers is willing to redeem your telecom infrastructure.

If you own a tower, support or another high-rise structure, we are ready to offer cooperation to you: buy, rent or take control of your property. It will allow you to release resources that are “frozen” in facilities or get additional income.

Russian Towers has vast experience in purchasing of towers and making a lot of mutually beneficial transactions.

If you are interested in cooperating with Russian Towers, fill in a form or send a letter to, and our assistant will contact you.

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Light and Electricity Poles

Russian Towers Group is looking for balance-lighting poles, power supply and other organizations.

Building Owners

It is hard to overestimate the importance of providing high-quality cellular communications to visitors of shopping, entertainment, business centres and other publicly significant buildings in the modern world. Each modern city resident, who is accustomed to constantly being 'online', has a modern gadget in hand. Low quality of communications signal adversely affects the duration of a visitor's stay in the building. According to global agency statistics, after installation of a distributed antenna system (DAS) in a building, the building's attendance rates and the density of its visitors grow by 2-3% even in the first few months.


Russian Towers Group offers comprehensive 5G-ready infrastructure solutions for seamless coverage of residential complexes and areas.


The growing digitalization and urbanization of population demands new approaches to resolving the problems of city infrastructure management and interaction with residents. The Smart City technologies and new generations of telecommunications (4G/5G) incentivize economic growth of the city and the country.