Telecom operators

Russian Towers Group is the largest independent infrastructure operator and owner of antenna-mast structures in Russia.

The company provides a wide range of shared telecommunications infrastructure services: provision of technological sites for telecom equipment placement, provision of power supply, connection to fiber-optic network, twenty-four-hour remote monitoring and access control.

The company’ development strategy is to expand services portfolio, which the company can provide through the constantly expanding infrastructure park.

More details about our services:

Placement of equipment on infrastructure operator's objects

Russian Towers Group is the largest independent infrastructure operator in Russia and owner of antenna mast sites.


We will create ‘turn-key’ telecom infrastructure for you. We will invest our own funds for the construction of antenna-mast structures in the operators’ interests in compliance with the technical specifications and the selected area.


If you own a portfolio of telecommunications infrastructure (towers, supports, etc.) and are considering its sale, we are ready to offer you the best terms and conditions. IDirect sale or sale and leaseback will allow you to release the funds that are "frozen" in the facilities.


Infrastructure solutions of Russian Towers are designed for all types of environments (urban landscape, different types of buildings, highways, suburbs, rural areas).